2023 Honjenny East-West Crossing Team Building Activity: Embracing Autumn and Opening a New Chapter for the Team

In October 2023, during the splendid autumn season, the crisp and refreshing weather elevated our spirits, and it also brought an exciting team-building event to Honjenny’s TCC team. This event, known as “2023 Honjenny Dongxichong Cross-Country,” aimed to encourage employees to step out of the bustling office environment and embrace the wonders of nature. It allowed them to experience the vastness of the sea and the serenity of the outdoors, releasing work-related stress and enhancing the sales team’s combat readiness and unity.


The first day of the team-building event marked the beginning of our “Honjenny Dongxichong Cross-Country” journey, and together we embarked on this unforgettable adventure. We arrived at the Dongxichong seaside, where the local guesthouses became our temporary home. This beautiful and tranquil place provided us with an opportunity to escape the noise of the city and truly immerse ourselves in the embrace of nature.

After checking into the guesthouses, we prepared for the highlight of the day – a barbecue dinner. Everyone actively participated, showcasing their creativity and culinary skills, which resulted in a variety of delicious barbecue dishes. The aroma of the grilled food filled the air, and the sizzling sounds of various ingredients on the grill were mouthwatering.

The evening was not only a feast of food but also a showcase of talent. Honjenny’s team members displayed their skills, delivering a spectacular talent show. The drumbeats of the drum set reverberated in the arms of nature, the guitar chords were enchanting, and the singing resonated in the evening breeze, making it feel like an open-air concert. All of this brought us closer together and allowed us to discover the unique qualities of each team member.

However, the highlights of the event extended beyond this. We also participated in a series of fun games, one of the most engaging being the “Charades” game. This game tested the team members’ acting and guessing abilities and laughter filled the air as everyone immersed themselves in the game, forgetting about work-related stress and worries.

The barbecue dinner allowed us to enjoy both delicious food and entertainment, and it brought our team members closer together emotionally. The second day of the “Honjenny Dongxichong Cross-Country” team-building activity filled us with anticipation as we were about to embark on an adventurous coastal journey entire of exploration. The morning sky was clear blue, the gentle breeze brushed against our faces, and our team set off in high spirits.


We proceeded along the coastline, taking in the breathtaking natural scenery. Cliff cliffs, surging waves, and golden beaches all left us in awe. Walking along the coastline, feeling the sea breeze, and listening to waves crashing against the rocks was incredibly relaxing. The cross-country route was often challenging, with rugged and rocky terrain, but everyone helped each other, overcoming obstacles and difficulties. Ultimately, all team members reached the designated meeting point, accomplishing the goal.

The “Honjenny Dongxichong Cross-Country” team-building activity concluded beautifully, but the memories and achievements it left behind will continue to flourish in our hearts. This event was not just an extraordinary adventure but also a journey of growth for our team.


The success of this event can be attributed not only to outstanding organization and planning but also to the active participation and collective efforts of every team member. Through the various activities, we experienced laughter, challenges, and growth, and we formed bonds with more lovely colleagues, making our team more diverse and vibrant.

The results and achievements of the “Honjenny Dongxichong Cross-Country” team-building activity are not limited to its exciting and heartwarming moments. Still, they are also reflected in the enhancement of emotional relationships and cohesion within the team:

Strengthened emotional relationships: The various activities during the event significantly strengthened the emotional bonds between team members. The guesthouse accommodations, barbecue dinner, talent show, and fun games promoted better mutual understanding and deeper friendships, breaking down the boundaries of work and encouraging more open communication.

Improved sales team’s combat readiness: Through outdoor activities like the coastal cross-country, team members honed their teamwork and leadership skills. In facing challenges and overcoming difficulties, they gained a better understanding of the power of teamwork, which will directly impact the collaborative efficiency and combat readiness of the sales team at work.

Fostering a more united TCC culture: Through joyful and healthy activities, we successfully created a more united, lively, harmonious, and positive cultural atmosphere. Team members will continue to uphold the motto of “joyful work, healthy growth” and contribute more positive energy to Honjenny’s future development.


Employee appreciation: This team-building event also serves as Honjenny’s way of expressing gratitude and appreciation to its employees, allowing them to relax and enjoy amidst their busy work schedules. This care and support will motivate employees to be more committed to their work, contributing to the company’s success with tremendous enthusiasm and dedication.


In conclusion, we thank Honjenny for this opportunity for the team-building activity and their care and support for our employees. This event not only fostered a more profound love for our work but also a deeper love for life. We look forward to the future, anticipating more challenges and opportunities as we continue to uphold the “joyful work, healthy growth” TCC culture and contribute more power to Honjenny’s successful development.


In this unforgettable team-building event, we offer our most sincere hopes for Honjenny’s future and the team’s continued success. Let’s keep working together to create more brilliant moments and collectively write a new chapter of success!

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