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We make metalwork for 28 years. Custom parts manufacturing, from rapid prototyping to on-demand production.

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Custom Die Casting Manufacturer

Honjenny is registered in the USA and EU, founded in 1996. For 28 years, we have exclusively focused on metal manufacturing, possessing five major professional capabilities: Die Casting, Cosmetic Packaging, CNC Precision Machining, 3D Printing, and Sheet Metal Fabrication. We have obtained the ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification, ISO14001:2015 environmental management system certification, ISO 45001 which is the ISO standard for occupational safety and health management systems, and the EU RoHS certification, and have strictly adhered to these standards until now. For a long time, Honjenny has been a subcontractor for world-renowned brands such as Dior, receiving widespread acclaim from customers.



  • Die Casting Workshop

    Die Casting Workshop

  • Stamping Shop

    Stamping Shop

  • High Precision CNC Machines

    High Precision CNC Machines

  • Mould Warehouse

    Mould Warehouse

  • Automatic Material Retrieval

    Automatic Material Retrieval

  • Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

    Manufacturing Execution System (MES)


  • CMM Equipment

    CMM Equipment



  • Inspection Control

    Inspection Control

  • Hardness Test

    Hardness Test

  • Film Thickness Gauge

    Film Thickness Gauge

  • Neutral and Acid Salt Spray Test

    Neutral and Acid Salt Spray Test


Honjenny has always been committed to professionalism and innovation, and its products have long been embraced by countless households in China. Now, we are striving to become a globally renowned die-casting product company.

Factory floor area

15000 +

Highly skilled team

300 +

Production experience

28 +

Patented technology

200 +


  • Timely delivery, which I am very satisfied with, has led me to decide to continue our cooperation.

    Jim(From the USA)

    Jim(From the USA)

  • Chinese manufacturing is not inferior to that of the United States at all. The quality of the die casting parts satisfies me, and the price is much lower than the U.S. market, which is particularly great.

    Richard(From the UK)

    Richard(From the UK)

  • In a global economic environment that is not very favorable, choosing die casting parts with high cost-performance ratio becomes particularly important. Thanks to Honjenny for being an excellent die casting service provider.

    Trung(From the EU)

    Trung(From the EU)


Honjenny supplies to customers worldwide, and no matter where our clients are, we ensure their satisfaction. We look forward to serving you soon!