Honjenny Quality System


Honjenny implements a Quality Management System that helps to coordinate efforts in quality assurance. This involves directing all activities of process, technology, material and method to meet customer and regulatory requirements.

Honjenny’s quality capability works ahead of time and removes all defects which may be caused in design and operations. Processes and controls are improved in line with international standards, programs and instruction manuals.

We constantly strive to improve product quality and service level by constantly reviewing processes and customer needs.


Honjenny has invested in advanced QA Test equipment to maintain accuracy and completeness of measurement. Equipment includes Coordinate Measuring Machine with Zeiss brand, X-ray detection machine, and more as shown below.

  • Calliper check

    Calliper check

  • Neutral and Acid Salt Spray Test

    Neutral and Acid Salt Spray Test

  • Zeiss CMM

    Zeiss CMM