What Are the Different Types of Door Handles?



Door knobs, a vital feature of architecture quietly carry out their functions day in and day out. Whether found at home in the workplace or, in shared spaces door knobs play a role. They serve not as tools for opening and closing doors but as the final detail that adds to a buildings character reflecting the preferences and style of its occupants.

The main purpose of door knobs is to make entering and exiting a room easier while also safeguarding the doors lock. Just imagine how challenging it would be to open a door without a knob.. How would we protect the lock from damage? The presence of door knobs makes it effortless to open doors and ensures they close securely and reliably.

A selected door knob can seamlessly complement the style of a door enhancing its aesthetic appeal. Whether adorning an wooden door or a sleek modern metal one there is always a knob that can harmonize with it beautifully. Designers invest their creativity into crafting door knobs that artfully blend elements with practicality to create innovative pieces.

Hence door knobs are not just implements but integral components of architectural embellishment. They bear witness to gatherings and heartfelt goodbyes embodying peoples longing for home and their quest, for comfort.
Selecting the door handle not enhances our daily lives but also reflects our personal style by adding a pop of color to our living spaces.

There is an array of door handle options each, with its unique features. One popular choice is the spherical door handle, known for its timeless design that suits building types. These handles are versatile for both homes and businesses. Offer a range of materials like steel and zinc alloy. Notably HJY Companys quality spherical door handles are praised for their craftsmanship and performance making them a top choice in the market.

For those who prefer an minimalistic look lever handles are an option. Lever handles make opening doors effortless with a push catering to ease of use for all ages. They are user friendly, adaptable and particularly beneficial for seniors and children. Installation and maintenance practices such as ensuring a fit with the door panel and regular checks on fasteners are essential, for long lasting functionality.

If you lean towards an sophisticated decor style don’t overlook knob style door handles.
This particular design is often seen in buildings giving off a sense of nostalgia. Knob style door handles highlight the quality of materials and craftsmanship featuring textures, like copper, iron and ceramic that stand out. Each piece has its charm meticulously made by skilled artisans. Opting for a knob style door handle adds a touch to the room. Reflects the owners exceptional taste.


With advancements in technology a new kind of door handle has started to become more popular. These handles are cleverly concealed within the door itself blending seamlessly with the panel to create an stylish look. Hidden door handles typically use a push pull mechanism, saving space and making them ideal for living spaces like apartments. Whats more exciting is that some hidden door handles come with lock features allowing for unlocking via fingerprints or passwords enhancing home security while also paving the way, for future smart home innovations.

When selecting door handles there are factors to take into account. Firstly it’s crucial to consider the style and material of the door itself. A suitable door handle should complement the doors design creating an unified appeal.
For instance traditional wooden doors go well with copper or wrought iron handles while contemporary metal doors complement stainless steel or zinc alloy handles.

Additionally safety and durability play roles in selecting door handles. A top notch door handle should offer resistance to corrosion wear and impact to ensure lasting use without rusting or damage. It’s also essential, for the lock cylinder of the handle to provide security measures against forced entry.

Furthermore considering the size and ergonomics of a door handle is important. The handles dimensions should align with the door size for usability – not big or too small. Comfort is key in design and texture, with a curvature and thickness that feels natural and pleasant to hold avoiding edges or rough surfaces.

Lastly one should take into account the reputation of the brand and their post purchase support when buying door handles. A reputable brand typically signifies product quality and better customer service.Providing customer service after a purchase, such, as responding to customer inquiries offering guidance on installation and providing repair assistance can enhance the overall shopping experience and instill confidence in users.


When it comes to maintaining door handles it’s crucial not to overlook upkeep. Keeping door handles clean is essential for preserving their appearance and functionality. For metal handles use a cotton cloth with a mild cleaner or soapy water to wipe off dust and fingerprints. After cleaning make sure to dry the handle to prevent water stains that could lead to discoloration or rust.

Special care is needed for door handles made of materials like copper, stainless steel or antique bronze. Tailor your cleaning approach based on the characteristics of each material. For instance copper handles can benefit from using a cleaner or a mixture of vinegar and salt to remove oxidation and restore their luster. Stainless steel handles should be cleaned with a product or white vinegar while avoiding chemicals containing chlorine that may harm the surface.

In addition to cleaning routines don’t forget about inspecting your door handles periodically and replacing them when necessary, as part of maintenance practices.
Over time the screws, springs and other parts of the door handle may become loose. Worn out due to use impacting both user comfort and safety. It’s important to check and tighten the fasteners of the handle if any looseness is detected. In cases where heavily used or low quality door handles show wear or damage replacing them promptly is essential to ensure an convenient experience.

By establishing habits, for maintaining door handles you can extend their lifespan. Maintain a polished appearance that adds elegance and refinement, to your living space. Each time you open or close a door you’ll appreciate the feel and smooth operation provided by the door handle.

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