Honjenny’s November 2023 Ultimate Showdown PK Competition Officially Kicks Off

On the morning of November 10, 2023, the atmosphere in the company was lively and cheerful. With hopeful anticipation, the Honjenny team, wearing joyful expressions, officially launched the Honjenny 2023 November Ultimate Showdown PK Competition.

Before the official kickoff ceremony, all colleagues together recited Honjenny’s corporate mission, vision, and core values.

Corporate culture is the cornerstone of Honjenny’s survival and development, permeating every decision and action. During the kickoff ceremony of this PK competition, all employees reiterated the company’s three major principles: corporate mission, vision, and core values, further solidifying consensus and igniting the team’s strength.

Honjenny Corporate Culture:

  • Corporate Mission: To pursue the dual happiness of all Honjenny individuals’ hearts, embellish homes with art, open the door to a happy life, contribute to the development of the home industry, and make a contribution to societal progress.

The company’s vision positions itself as a leader in the Chinese handle industry. Despite numerous challenges and heavy responsibilities, Honjenny is determined to forge ahead. The commitment to employee happiness and customer satisfaction reflects Honjenny’s pursuit as a lean manufacturing enterprise.

At a deeper level, Honjenny’s core values – integrity, responsibility, innovation, and diligence – act as guiding beacons, indicating the direction of the company’s journey.

Chasing a Thousand Miles Without Stopping! Honjenny’s corporate culture is not only filled with unique values but also focuses on long-term development. This is evident in the team strength demonstrated by all Honjenny individuals in this PK competition, constantly moving forward in the direction indicated by their mission and vision.

PK Competition Process: With the enthusiasm and anticipation of Honjenny individuals, the spirited PK competition followed the kickoff ceremony. The competition’s launch not only marked the commencement of internal competition but also served as a deep experience and practice of company culture.

The first segment, a warm-up game involving picking up ping pong balls with chopsticks, appeared deceptively simple but was filled with challenges. Divided into two teams, employees had the task of picking up ping pong balls from one basket with chopsticks and quickly transferring them to another basket, all within a two-minute timeframe. The team with the most ping pong balls won, and members of the losing team had to spin a hula hoop ten times as a penalty, creating a humorous atmosphere throughout the process.

The second segment featured Ms. Mao, the Sales Manager, reading the battle plan and company reward mechanism. The five major groups – domestic group one, domestic group two, international sales, customer service, and operations – all boldly set challenging performance goals, collectively aiming for a company-wide target approaching 25 million. Each team’s goals not only reflected their sense of responsibility and dedication but also highlighted Honjenny’s team spirit and spirit of striving.

In the following segments, amidst applause and drumbeats, Ms. Kuang, the General Manager, delivered a speech, and the competition’s reward mechanism was signed and announced on the spot. The unveiling of this incentive mechanism undoubtedly ignited everyone’s passion for the event and their yearning for rewards, reinforcing their determination to win the competition. The on-site PK declaration began, and there was no doubt that the enthusiasm of the PK team members reached its peak, boosting their confidence to unprecedented levels.

Throughout the competition, whether it was strategic planning around goals or teamwork in the face of challenges, Honjenny individuals demonstrated their courage and resilience. In the challenges and joys of the competition, they practiced the company’s values, pushing the competition to its climax and paving the way for success.

As the PK competition concluded, all members gathered for a group photo, capturing this special day. Each person’s steadfast belief and sense of belonging to Honjenny’s corporate culture were evident. Although the intense competition was over, the festive atmosphere persisted, with abundant snacks, fresh fruits, and sweet cakes on the table. All colleagues gathered to enjoy the delicious food and share conversations. Each person received a customized Coca-Cola can with their name on it, fostering a sense of respect and importance for each individual and strengthening team awareness.

Thus, the PK competition concluded amid laughter and joy. While the competition ended, what everyone took away was a closer team cohesion and clearer work performance goals. The performance and joy combined PK competition not only boosted employees’ work enthusiasm but also enhanced teamwork and communication capabilities, leaving everyone confident and full of anticipation for future challenges.

Challenges and competition make everyone understand that adhering to integrity, taking responsibility, embracing change, and the spirit of relentless struggle are key to Honjenny individuals’ success. This PK competition fully showcased these values, providing everyone with deeper insights and understanding. In the relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere, friendships and happiness were harvested.

Therefore, this PK competition was undoubtedly a successful collective event, sparking the team’s work enthusiasm, enhancing employee interaction and cooperation capabilities, injecting new energy into future work and life. Looking forward to the coming days, Honjenny individuals can uphold this cohesion and vitality, continue to achieve greater accomplishments, and constantly pursue a brighter future, making a greater contribution to societal progress.

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