Expertise on Precision Aluminum Die Casting & Aluminum CNC Machining Parts.




Prototyping Services

We offer CNC prototyping, prototyping tools, and 3D printing services.

Manufacturing Materials

Plastics like ABS, PMMA, POM, PP, PC, Nylon, etc.

Metals such as Aluminum, Zinc, Copper, etc.

Finishing Capabilities

Honjenny offers a range of finishing services including polishing, painting, sandblasting, printing, anodizing, electroplating, and more.



Die Casting Tooling


We are capable of designing, manufacturing, and maintaining die casting molds in the same workshop.


Our engineers will review the drawings you provide and conduct mold flow analysis, promptly offering suggestions for reference to avoid potential risks that may occur in later production stages.




Aluminium Die Casting


For 28 years, Honjenny has been dedicated to precision aluminum and zinc die castings. We possess an excellent professional team, enabling us to provide better technical services to our customers.


We continuously upgrade our equipment and adopt the latest technology to produce precision die castings, ensuring high-quality standards.




CNC Machining


Honjenny not only produces die castings, but we can also provide precision and high-precision CNC machining services according to your requirements.




Surface Finishing


Honjenny has its own independent electroplating factory for electroplating and various surface treatment services.


Anodizing provides a clean, uniform corrosion-resistant coating for machined products. Both powder and liquid coatings not only resist corrosion but also meet various appearance requirements.



Technical Support

Technical Support

Honjenny has a team of experienced professionals who will assist you throughout the project. Engineers utilize Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) and, with their extensive technical experience, they can optimize the design of rapid prototypes, die casting molds, and cast parts, ensuring the feasibility of your product and tool design and production. Proficient in the use of CAD/CAM files in virtual systems, they simulate process analysis to predict how the mold will fill, solidify, and cool, thereby reducing the risk of defects in die-cast parts.

Our Quality

Honjenny's top priority is to meet customers' expectations for quality. Below is our certified quality system.
  • IATF 16949

    IATF 16949

    Quality management system requirements of automotive components or services for an organization.

  • ISO 9001

    ISO 9001

    It specifies requirements for a quality management system for an organization.

  • ISO 13485

    ISO 13485

    This standard is applicable to the regulatory environment of medical devices.



    Compliant with RoHS & Reach requirements and terms for an organization.

Our Laboratory

With the aid of professional and precision instruments, we ensure that customers' products meet their expectations.
  • Calliper check

    Calliper check

  • Neutral and Acid Salt Spray Test

    Neutral and Acid Salt Spray Test

  • Zeiss CMM

    Zeiss CMM